CMB1 - Cambridge, MD MIDL - Middletown, DE DTGT - Georgetown, DE DTDO - Dover, DE DELS - Lewes, DE SBYU - Salisbury, MD VAOH - Oak Hall, VA OCCC - Ocean City, MD EAST - Easton, MD CHS1 - Chestertown, MD MDAJ - Annapolis Junction, MD WILM - Wilmington, DE BALT - Baltimore, MD CARR - Westminster, MD HOWA - Columbia, MD
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DiCarlo Precision Instrument, Incorporated has served Land Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors since 1988 with affordable prices and fast friendly service.

Our surveying instrument and supply department provides sales, rentals and service of nearly every type of modern surveying instrument available today including GPS, GIS and Robotics. We have recently introduced the first GPS RTK/CORS Network available to cover the entire DE and the Eastern Shore of MD.

Real Time Network (RTN) GPS comprises of multiple reference stations spaced out at reasonable intervals over a specific geographical area. These GPS reference stations are mounted on buildings and are continuously broadcasting corrections via the internet to subscribers with cell-phone enabled RTK GPS rovers. Our Top Net RTK server provides the real-time corrections for RTN solutions. An additional server located in a secure location stores each receiver's raw data for subsequent post-processing. To see an antenna installation and to see how to access our data for post processing please click on any red dot on the map.

All receivers on the DiCarlo RTN are collecting and broadcasting both GPS and GLONASS satellite signals for a more robust RTK solution.

Our technical support staff can answer your questions about how to join our RTN. You can subscribe now for our CORS data download by clicking on any red dot and signing up on line.